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“A thousand sunset, a thousand memories, a thousand heartbeats… This is the island o Santorini. Poets have written about it, artists attempt to capture its beauty. Nothing can quite describe it.”

Mediterranean cuisine has an allure that is difficult to resist. Come and explore the culinary treasures of this interesting and abundant region at Santorini, where traditions are being redefined and celebrated.

You will be charmed by the aromas of the Mediterranean – think of aromatic freshly ground coffee, honeys scented with chillies, wild herbs, fleshy fruits and exotic spices. Think of the French Riviera, Morocco, Greece, Italy and delight in the cuisines and meze’s of each region.

Meze is a separate eating experience. It is meant to complement and enhance the taste of wine or ouzo and it provides the backdrop to many social gatherings. The dishes are meant to be shared, providing not only a wonderful variety of flavour and taste sensations, but also creating the kind of happy and convivial atmosphere for which Mediterranean’s are well known. Even the names conjure up delicious images; Kolokithakia (fried baby marrows), Saganaki (grilled feta), Sheftalia (Cypriot meatballs), and Falafel (an Egyptian chickpea delicacy).

You will be greeted by your hosts, Oliver and Miki, and your food will be prepared by Toni Troskie and George Sakulias, Santorini’s highly experienced and dynamic chefs.

After working at several prestigious establishments including The Beacon Isle Hotel and hotels at Sun City, Troski became Regional manager for Orient Express Group, responsible for their luxurious camps in the Okavango Delta and then Executive Chef of Santorini in Sun City. In May this year, Troski was inducted into the Chaine des Rotisseurs.

Greek Chef George Sakulias, a ember of the South African Chefs Association has over 20 years experience in the food & beverage industry. Formally trained by Cordon Bleu, he was inducted as a professional member into the Chaine des Rotisseurs which promotes the art of fine cuisine and development of young culinary.

Santorini Hyde Park embraces the tranquility of the Mediterranean. It is a study in cool ivories, muted mosaics and touches of azure. In every detail there is a subtle surprise at every turn. The tables are a visual illustration of the beach with sand and shells embedded in wood and glass. White leather chairs make for comfortable seating and there are two enclaves for more intimate interludes.

Santorini during the morning and afternoon is a breath of fresh air, a balmy escape, where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast or wile away the afternoon with a glass of wine, watching the passing parade. Dinner is more casual elegance – candlelight, a whisper or romance and an atmosphrere alive with laughter and chatter. Here amidst the serene décor, enjoy the earthy bounty of the Mediterranean. We strive to use only the freshest ingredients and flavours are robust and unmistakable, unfettered by complicated sauces and heavy dollops of cream and butter. At Santorini, Haute cuisine bows before the traditional genius of home-cooked Mediterranean fare.

Vegetables play a primary role in our dishes – onions, pink veined garlic , deep-red tomatoes, olives, aubergines, peppers, and mushrooms. Legumes too are ubiquitous: lentils, chickpeas, black eye beans and white kidney beans from Tuscany. Fresh herbs include rosemary, basil, cilantro, rocket, and oregano.

Modern Mediterranean cuisine bridges the gap between the future and the past. We have built an inspired cuisine around the regions uniquely flavoured ingredients.

Mediterranean fish dishes star in our cuisine – lobsters, prawns, calamari and kingklip are popular, abundant, and affordable. They are best when cooked with extra-virgin olive oil and eaten with chewy fresh bread, perfect for dunking.

And of course there’s the truly sinful side of dining – dessert. Greek confectioneries invade the menu – baklava, risogalo (rice pudding), loukoumades (cinnamon and honey donuts) and amazing flavours of home-made Italian Gelati – sure to become an obsession among patrons.

“We invite you to join us in savouring our Mediterranean culture and cuisine, to be enjoyed in the spirit of friendship.”

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