SARCDA Christmas 2005

SARCDA Christmas 2005

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With more than 34 years of consecutive annual exhibition experience, SARCDA Trade Exhibitions offers all exhibitors the benefits of three highly professional, well-organised and cost-effective Trade Exhibitions.

SARCDA started off as a Pharmacy Exhibition in the 1960s, when pharmacies ventured into the gift-line. SARCDA used to be an acronym for the South African Retail and Chemists Druggist Association. It is now an independent trade name offering fully-fledged Gift, Toy and Décor Trade Exhibitions to service the needs of the entire retail, gift, toy and décor industries.

The heritage of SARCDA includes its experience, knowledge and traditions. Our exhibitors have had a highly profitable association and have grown with us over the past three decades.

Dates: Thurs 18 – Sun 21 August 2005

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