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Sasha Zambetti

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She’s a health fanatic, and loves to make traditional comfort foods healthy and low fat. She loves the garden and grows her own seasonal vegetables and herbs. She also loves the ‘Mystery Basket’ way of cooking – take a look in the fridge/garden, suss out what you have and create something not just good-for-you and edible, but scrumptious! Meals should be as whole as possible, simple and quick so you have more time to enjoy the company of those you are dining with. In her opinion, the less number of ingredients, the easier the cooking method and the shorter the time taken, the better the recipe!

Where Sasha shops:

I usually buy fresh fish at the Pick n Pay fish counter – depending on the store and day, otherwise Seven Seas fisheries on Beyers Naude has a good selection. I buy meat at the Rembrandt butchery in Linden, and fresh fruit and vegetables at the Fruit & Veg City (I also like their food lovers market) or Impala fruit and veg or the Carreira centre fruit and veg shop.

I like the little organic markets – like the Jozi food market, the Blue Bird morning market or the Bryanston organic market when I have the time on a Saturday morning. Best visited with friends; you can catch a quick cup of tea/ a pastry or a slice of gluten-free cake, and take home some hand-made cheese, preserves and a delicious fresh bread for the next meal

I love Thai food for it’s quick cooking and variety of flavours, but I will never say no to Italian food!

Pantry essentials: brown rice and whole-wheat pasta, lemons (from one of my trees), tinned beans and chickpeas.

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