Saso Sinadinovski – Studies

Saso Sinadinovski’s solo exhibition at In Toto Gallery, Studies, expands on the artist’s extensive conceptual journey through the universal human condition. Sinadinovski achieves near photographic likeness in his oil, acrylic and airbrush paintings which contrasts sharply with the highly expressive brushstrokes that find their way into almost every artwork.

Why go?
Paint has the unique ability to condense and illuminate a lifetime of events. With this exhibition’s focus on the human figure itself, rather than the characters or personalities of the subjects, the viewer is freed from interpretation and analysis and left to enjoy the form, colour and texture of the artworks.

Where is it?
In Toto Gallery, 6 Birdhaven Centre, Birdhaven

When is it?
Thursday, 23rd of May to Monday, 17th of June, 2013

How much does it cost?

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