Seared Garlic Prawns with Spekko Jasmine Fragrant Rice

Seared Garlic Prawns with Spekko Jasmine Fragrant Rice

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Serves 2 as a main and 4 as a starter

My secret to making this prawn dish is not in the ingredients….I have a secret weapon and it is the Breville Wok. I did oooh and aaahhh a fair bit and had to make excuses to buy yet another wok. I have not regretted buying this wok for a moment. It is just unbelievable. Most of us have encountered stirfries that become a watery mess because there is not enough heat to cook the ingredients. After years of searching I discovered the Breville electric wok. It heats up quickly to an incredibly high heat. It cooks prawns and calamari in under 5 minutes. I serve the seared prawns with Spekko Jasmine Fragrant Rice. The fragrance is heavenly and complements the seared prawn meat.


1kg prawns, 26 – 30 per kilogram
50 ml sunflower oil
1 tbsp fresh crushed garlic
25ml dark soy sauce
200g bok choy
Salt to season
1 tsp sugar
30g fresh basil

Here’s How

Shell and de-vein prawns. Heat oil in a wok. Sauté garlic until light golden brown. Drop in the prawns and make sure they don’t form a heap in the wok. The idea is to spread them out and ‘stick’ them to the sides of the wok. Stir the garlic into the prawns and pour in the soy sauce. The sauce should thicken and coat the prawns. Add sugar and a little sprinkle of salt. Lastly throw in the bok choy and stir for a minute. Garnish with fresh basil and remove from heat.

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Yudhika’s Tips:

– Use 800g calamari instead of prawns. Add 75ml dark soy sauce in the recipe. Calamari must be stir fried in two to three batches.
– Thinly sliced chicken fillet can be used instead of prawns. The chicken must also be cooked in batches.
– If you do not have basil, use fresh coriander instead.

– If you would like to spice up this dish, add 2 chopped green chillies to the stirfry.

– A sprinkling of black pepper works wonders in this stirfry.
– For a healthier option, substitute the regular Spekko Jasmine variant with Spekko’s Royal Umbrella Thai Brown Jasmine option, this is a first In SA and there really is no better quality Jasmine available!
– The Spekko Classic Brown Rice would also be perfect with this dish…try adding some of your favourite freshly chopped herbs to the rice for a fragrant and delicious infusion!

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