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A very Happy New Year to you all. I do hope that it will be a year that you will enjoy looking back upon – with good health, good relationships and good times.

Why not create a year to remember?

Don’t make the mistake of going for major resolutions that might just fall by the wayside. Some of the most memorable changes are achieved by smaller decisions that are easier to keep to, and yet build a significant new picture. Try this by adding in some new colour:
• 12 colours for you

• 12 colours for someone else

12 colours for you is simply doing something special every month. It might be for you alone, or involve family or friends. Of importance is the fact that it is different, and is something particular that you have chosen to do, and which you would like to become a memory. Planning it helps!
12 colours for someone else picks up on the fact that we are surrounded by people who need some joy in their lives. Again, it does not take very much to provide a blessing. The strange truth is that, very often, our greatest privilege and meaning come from introducing some new colour – hope, help or happiness – into someone else’s life. It is deeply special when someone says that you have made a difference in their lives. It gives you meaning.

Shortly before Christmas we celebrated a family birthday with a lunch at the Secret Garden in Fourways. It was a glorious blue-skied and sunny day, and we sat outside, on the extensive and level lawn, under large umbrellas. Banks of agapanthus in the borders were in full bloom, and seemed to reflect the space and colour of the sky. Towards the west the ground fell away, creating an extended sense of space and quiet. A fair number of tables were dotted about, nicely separated, so that others were not sitting in our space, and we were not eavesdropping on their conversations. The children were catered for by a jumping castle, a supervised battery-powered car, and an extensive play area, also with tables and benches. It was very private and with no sight or sound of the traffic humming down the nearby road past Montecasino.

Their menu offers Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch, as well as a specially arranged high tea. This tea was being very much enjoyed by a large group of ladies whilst we were there, and I think that next time I would like to give it a try! We enjoyed our food which was well prepared and attractively presented by very friendly and efficient staff. In all it was a very relaxed and happy time, with a sense of space and peace, in which we could chat and enjoy each other’s company. We took photographs to mark the occasion, to remind us of a happy time, and to send to family overseas.

We all enjoyed being able to sit outside in the warm shade, under a beautiful sky, with good food and company – and no washing up! Give it a try.

Your responses and reactions are in your hands. Choose wisely.

Open times :
Mon, Wed, Fri: 10h30 – 17h00
Tue, Thurs: 09h00 – 16h00
Sat, Sun: 07h30 – 17h0

• There are directions, and a menu on the website.
• Booking is advisable

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