Serendipity – Review

Serendipity – Review

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I love setting up play dates – especially when they are at someone else’s house or even better, at a child- and mom-friendly venue! So when Serendipity in Rosebank arrived on my radar screen, I was dead keen to go and have a look with my four-year old firmly in tow.

Firstly, its location could not be more perfect for those living in and around Rosebank. Just one block up from Jan Smuts Avenue and situated in a quiet, leafy suburb, this venue has quickly made its mark with those-in-the-know. Secondly, there is a place for everyone in this repurposed house with an enormous garden outdoors and craft area indoors.

On arrival, my daughter and her friend Thomas went bounding off into the garden to go and investigate the playground equipment and they were both soon whizzing down the slides and taking turns on the swings. I like the fact that there are smaller plastic ball ponds and climbing frames for toddlers that might get hurt by more boisterous older children. Six year old Georgia disappeared into the house in search of something crafty to do, and came racing back to tell us that they were making crystal mobiles inside and that she’d see us later. And so, with a very deep sigh, my friend Giselle and I sunk into some of the outdoor chairs under a tree and decided that we were in desperate need of some tea!

The menu is actually quite good – with a wide variety of meals and snacks for the kids, and some lovely light dishes for the parents. The service is excellent and I liked the fact that there was an outdoor childminder keeping an eye on our children as they climbed up and down the equipment. As for Giselle and I, we relished the peace and quiet where we could start … and finish (a rare thing when you have small children) a number of conversations while our children were so happily occupied.

A quick peek inside the house to see how Georgia was doing revealed a lovely little gift shop with hand-made toys, teddies, night lights, décor accessories and other stunning gifts for friends or children. I also discovered that Serendipity caters for children who want to “bake” by giving them gingerbread men and cupcakes to ice.

Serendipity is also a fabulous location for tailor made children’s parties! You can choose from offerings such as: arts and crafts, beading, cupcake decorating, pass the parcel, treasure hunts, pin the tail on the princess/ frog/ donkey/ lion, face painting, pony rides, musicians, jumping castle, water slide and so much more….

Needless to say, I think this is well-worth a visit – whether on your own to catch up with some work while the kids play, or with friends you want to spend time with. I have now been back twice and have plans to go back on Friday. See you there!

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday from 10h00 to 17h00

Saturdays and Sundays 08h30 to 16h00

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