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Shapes for Women

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Do you recognise the benefit of exercise, but don’t feel comfortable being on display in a pretentious gym environment?

Do you find that you don’t exercise due to lack of time?

Does the sound of a gym with no make-up, no mirrors and no men appeal to you?

Want to feel better, have more energy and live longer?

Look no further than regular, sweat-inducing exercise.

By introducing an exercise regime of 30 minutes, 3 times a week into your daily life, you can significantly improve your overall health, well being and quality of life.

The CONCEPT difference

Most existing gyms in South Africa target the 18-35 year old age group. There is very often a fair amount of one-upmanship and peer pressure in these sorts of gyms with the right physical appearance, clothing and even accessories becoming a near-obsession amongst gym goers.

Shapes for Women, on the other hand, is ideal for women of all ages who want to workout without any of these pressures and without feeling as if they are constantly on display. There are no airs and graces and no ‘dress code’ in Shapes for Women gyms – women are welcome at the gyms as they are and as they feel comfortable.

There are also no men in Shapes for Women gyms – just a few ladies all wanting to get the same thing out of their exercise programme, namely, a personal level of fitness and sense of well-being in a secure, relaxed, yet upbeat environment.

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