Sharing Is Caring… Or Is It?

When does sharing too much of your toddler’s life on social media become enough? Kate Kearney investigates.


For the first year of my son’s life I made sure to document as much as I could, so I could always look back on his milestones and growth, and remember each event as it happened. I write a blog, in which I document very real and personal stories, and each month I ensured that I took a photo in the same outfit on the same chair. I always thought that was enough, until people started asking me when I was going to start a Facebook page for him, or an email address.

I know this is a very subjective topic, and may be met with a bit of backlash, but I personally don’t feel as if my now 12-month-old needs his own Facebook page. I find it a little odd and very time consuming. Hell, for all we know, Facebook might not even be around when he’s old enough to use it! (Imagine if parents in early 2000 had started a MySpace account for their babies!).

So, when does sharing become too much? I turn my nose up to a Facebook profile for my son, but that hasn’t stopped me from literally sharing photos of him with the world. My blog is so transparent you might as well have been in the labour ward with me, and my Instagram profile is like a shrine to my son.

So no, I’m definitely not one of those private-moms who feel their kids shouldn’t be on social media. If anything, I overshare.

How do you feel about sharing your kids on social media – yay or nay? I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and opinions.

Now excuse me while I go Instagram a photo of the cutest thing my son did this morning…

By Kate Kearney

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