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Get to Tanz Café on the Thursday, 7th of September to see the following great rock bands in action!

Kay Oliver Band

Holly and the Woods

The Sick-Leaves

Entrance is only R30 at the door and first band is on at 20:30!

Updates on each of the bands:

Kay Oliver Band have finally had their first big hit single on radio as their current single ‘Touchdown Sattelite’ from their debut album ‘Colour Me In’, receives air play on key radio stations such as Highveld and Jacaranda.

Holly and the Woods are the new kids on the block and have a created a unique sound, which fuses influences from artists such as Skunk Anansie, Janis Joplin and AC/DC. An alternative Rock Band with a female vocalist, they are definitely worth the hype which is slowly building for them.

The Sick-Leaves are enjoying success with their first single ‘All These Foolish Things (I’ve Said)’ on 5fm and key Campus stations. With their UK indie sound and great debut album called ‘Tunnel Vision’, we have to agree with Nikki Temkin from the Sunday Times:
‘This South African band is more than just a clever name, they’re the freshest thing local rock has seen in a long time.’

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