Shelli at the shops!

Shelli at the shops!

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I am hopelessly devoted to anything vaguely related to French-inspired décor! Now, this may have it’s roots in some ancestral connection to French royalty (one can dream!) or the fact that I studied French for four glorious years in high school, but there is no denying the fact that I am slowly transforming my house into something you would find in a small French village – complete with blue-shutters, rows and rows of lavender and toile fabric in every room. I even have a chandelier in my kitchen!

Didi Décor
One of my favourite shopping “haunts” is Didi Décor in the Hyde Park Shopping Centre – on the top floor close to Dion Wired. This relatively small space is filled with the most beautiful items that are very reasonably priced, and I can spend hours there browsing through the photo frames, clocks and furniture. This is the ideal place to shop for gifts – you will always find something special in your price range, and everything is just so beautiful that you will have a hard time giving it away! The shop also has a selection of chandeliers, which are absolutely breath-taking and vary from the relatively simple to the ornate!

Hyde Park Shopping Centre
Tel: (011) 325 4705

Le Chateau
If you have a bit more time and are looking for some bigger pieces for your home, then pop into Didi’s warehouse near Montecasino. The store extends up 3 levels with over 320 glorious square metres of French-styled furniture, chandeliers, décor, lamps, mirrors, frames, art work, children’s furniture and so much more – everything you would need to redecorate your home. I love their distressed photo frames and this is where I found my beautiful chandelier. And even if you end up buying just one or two smaller items, you will feel so inspired by a walk around the shop. I also discovered some beautiful wall sconces and bathroom vanities that I fell in love with!

B2 The Gantry
The Straight cnr Witkoppen Rd
Tel: (011) 467 6341

Chateau Warehouse
This is the third of Didi’s stores and a place where you can find bargain pieces. Either because they have been on the shop floor for a while, or because there was no space in either of the other two stores. I popped in and had a good browse and saw some beautiful armoires, as well as dining room tables and chairs in a lovely distressed finish. It’s a good place to visit regularly, and they also update their website quite frequently to give you an idea of what is in store. If you’re not in a rush and can afford to wait, it’s not a bad idea to keep popping in until you find the right item in your price range.

62 Design Boulevard
Northlands Decor Park
New Market Road (off Witkoppen Rd)
Tel (011) 462 2954

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