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The best discoveries are always made when you are looking for something ELSE! Kayla and I were on the lookout for some birthday gifts for her school friends – we have about 7 gazillion parties on the horizon and decided to be super-organized and shop in advance. I am happy to report that we arrived home with loads of goodies. Sadly, none of them were suitable for any of her four-year-old friends!

The first of our “finds” was The Kitchenware Shop in 4th Avenue, Parkhurst. This tiny little treasure trove is tucked away next to “Nice” – a coffee shop that is increasing its offering with furniture and clothing. In fact, if we hadn’t parked right outside, we would have missed it!

The store is filled with every imaginable gadget to make cooking a breeze, as well as some beautiful tea towels, chalk boards for writing your shopping list, wonderful coffee mugs (I bought six) and bowls and cups for kids. I found some VERY clever tupperware-style containers that contain an ice-pack at the bottom – perfect for the hot summer months when you are sending your kids to school with sandwiches or yoghurt because the ice pack will keep everything cool! Kayla found some brightly-coloured plastic cups with built-in straws, and I also bought the most beautiful salad bowl to give to my sister for Christmas. (It is now on my lounge coffee table. Erm, yes).

This is definitely a shop to visit soon – have a good browse and pick up some handy items for yourself, and gifts for others. I found the pricing to be incredibly reasonable – and the whole vibe feels like that of a little village shop in the UK. I just loved it!

The Kitchenware Shop
35 4th Ave (corner 13th Street)
(011) 447 7392

We then drove past a rather interesting shop called Lots & Crates in Blairgowrie, and quickly piled out the car to have a look. Wow – this is another shop that I think warrants a visit. The owners buy stock from various suppliers (that supply items to Wetherlys and other décor shops) and sell them at a reduced rate. The idea is that whatever is available – they buy; but they cannot order more items or predict what will arrive in the next day or so.

We didn’t end up buying anything, but Kayla and I found some beautiful Peter Rabbit prints for a baby’s nursery; lovely lamps, a stunning antique-looking writing desk and loads of décor items that were just beautiful. The point is to keep popping in every time you are in the area, or tell the owners what you are looking for so that they can call you if something arrives. They receive stock every 2 days, so a trip there is never wasted!

Lots & Crates
77 Conrad Drive
(011) 326 3297

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