Shelli goes shopping

Shelli goes shopping

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There are SO many shops in Joburg (I know because I have visited most of them!) but every now and then I find a few that deserve mentioning!

The first is a shop called MELT in the Benmore Shopping Centre. My friends, Pete and Amanda, have been raving about their Belgian waffles and real hot chocolate (with the chocolate pieces still melting at the bottom of the mug), and I just had to visit!

The shop itself is quite compact, with a counter filled with mouth-watering home made chocolates taking up much of the space. There is also a small seated area outside where you can rest your weary bones while indulging in some chocolate therapy. But I have to say that I find their assortment of merchandise just fabulous. There are the most beautiful wooden boxes with various sayings about chocolate on them – you can fill them with your selection from the counter before having them wrapped in cellophane. You would pay under R200 for this gift, and the box will last long after the chocolates have been enjoyed! (I would use mine to store earrings or playing cards).

There are also various cake stands, items made out of chocolate (I loved the chocolate telephone!) as well as some stunning gift hampers that are perfect for ANY gift – birthday, anniversary or house warming. It is definitely worth visiting – pop in for a Belgian Waffle and a good browse. I have a sneaking suspicion you will love it!

(011) 326 5067
Shop g06
Benmore Gardens Shopping Centre

My other “find” is Chefs ‘n Icers in Sandton City (on the same level as Clicks and Mr Price Home). I often pop in when it’s close to Kayla’s birthday because they stock EVERYTHING to do with cakes, cupcakes, icing, tins, decorations etc – as well as the ready-made-icing that you place on top of a themed cake. I recently popped in to have a look at their new range of cupcake and muffin holders. My new gift idea is to bake different muffins and give them to friends as a gift on the day before their birthday – that way they have something yummy to offer friends who pop round on the actual day. These muffin holders are so stunning because they are almost like gift wrap! You bake the muffin or cupcake in their little white paper cases as usual, and once cool, place them in the pretty wrapping. I loved the spring colours, as well as the black & white polka dot option for fancier occasions. They cost about R20 for 12 – which makes this a VERY inexpensive gift that has a lot of thought and effort behind it!

Chefs ‘n Icers
Sandton City
(011) 783 3201

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