Shelli NT’s Yuletide Tip

Shelli NT’s Yuletide Tip

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Me: Dollface, have somehow deleted Cath’s cell number – could you send?

Friend: < >

Me: Just got a blank SMS. Have you gone blank? Hahahaha! *snort*

Friend: There should have been an attachment?

Me: Nope. Are you feeling detached? Hahaha!

Friend: Sorry. Who are you?

Me: I am me. Feeling better after the Sinuta

Me: Meant “Sinutab” really, keys on cellphone seem to have shrunk

Friend: So I see!

Me: Am going to take one every morning throughout Christmas Season. Life better once nasal hygiene is sorted and mood has magically lifted. I have extra in case your sinusses sinisses sineses (whatever) are also “clogged”! *wink*

Friend: Did you eat before taking them, Shell?

Me: No, too distracted trying to get “Achy Creaky Heart” out of head.

Me: Meant Breaky not Creak

Me: And by Creak I mean Creaky

Me: Seem to be channelling a dyslexic Billy Rae Cyprus!!

Me: And by Cyprus, I mean Cyrus

Friend: Please lose this number.

On the upside though, my sinuses are as clean as a whistle! One must always look on the bright side of life mustn’t one?

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