Shopping Malls in Joburg

Shopping Malls in Joburg

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Joburg is a great city to live in if you are a believer in retail therapy. We have a number of large malls scattered around town and although your hubby may raise his eyebrows whenever you tell him you are going shopping, there is no doubt about the fact that shopping centres are convenient sources of entertainment for the whole family. Over the next few weeks we will put a spotlight on some of these malls and tell you what we like (or don’t like) about them. We will also keep on eye on various customer service forums to see whether or not other shoppers are happy with their experiences.

Maponya Mall

The Facts

  • Over 180 tenants – stores types include food and groceries, fashion, restaurants, entertainment, furniture, services and banks.
  • Trading hours: Monday – Thursday – 09:00 – 19:00; Friday – Saturday: 09:00 – 20:00; Sunday and Public Holidays: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Currently, 27 stores are having major sales.

What they say about themselves

  • This elegant, contemporary building with its enormous 65 000m² of retail delights attracts an average of 1.5 million people a month.
  • It boasts world class design aesthetics and exciting features not previously seen in regional shopping centres’ in South Africa.

What customers say

  • A glance at consumer forums suggests that Maponya Mall offers a pleasant shopping experience. There were no posts slating the actual mall.
  • There were individual retailers within the store that get a thumbs down. KFC, all of the mobile service provider stores, and many of the large chain stores were slated.

You can visit their website by following the links alongside. Have you had a good or bad experience at Maponya Mall? Tell us

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