Short Course in Wine Evaluation

Short Course in Wine Evaluation

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Students will learn about the history of wine, the winemaking process, how to deal with wine in both private and commercial environments, food pairing; and most importantly about the actual evaluation and comparison of wines.

The course in a nutshell:
• Includes 10 weeks tuition via a combination of distance and contact learning allowing for flexible studying and catering for full time employees
• Includes exposure to over 80 different wine samples (SA and International)
• Compiled and presented by Charl Theron (Internationally acclaimed wine taster and lecturer)
• Includes continuous and proactive assistance and guidance from the Course Administrator
• Includes 2 separate workshops held in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban

• Covers 10 modules and 1 assessment during the 10 weeks
• Results in a Certificate in Wine Evaluation from Stellenbosch University

Who should attend?
This course is suited to anyone with a keen interest in wine. More specifically:
Wine professionals and other people involved in the wine industry such as winemaking staff, viticulturists, wine distributors, wine marketers, restaurant and bar managers, hotel staff, academics, waitrons, tour guides and events organisers will be equipped with expert knowledge and credibility, enabling them to serve better their clients.
Non professionals and people outside the wine industry such as general wine drinkers, members of wine clubs, corporate relationship managers, client liason officers and others who simply enjoy a good glass of wine will benefit from an enhnced understanding and appreciation of wine products.

The course only allows for enrolement once a year, so call to confirm and book.

For more information, visit their website using the links alongside

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