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New SIM card allows business travellers to avoid exorbitant roaming charges
Incoming calls free, 65% saving on call costs

A new SIM card that can be used with all mobile phones will prove a boon to South African business travellers by avoiding exorbitant international ‘roaming’ costs charged by cell phone operators.

Nevin Sher, Managing Director of SIM4travel SA, the new pay-as-you-go SIM4travel card which will be available in SA from November, says the service is available in 123 countries and will substantially cut the cost of cell phone usage abroad – often by as much as 80%.

“The SIM4tavel card works by inserting it into your own mobile phone. It has its own phone number and airtime can be purchased from SIM4travel either online or by using your mobile phone and a SA registered debit or credit card. With it you can call any where in the world. You can now travel to multiple destinations internationally and use only one card and one telephone number.”

Sher says that business travel is very expensive and one the biggest annoyances of travelling abroad are the cell phone bill shock when you get back.

“Until now, South African businesses have had to put up with what they’ve seen as an inevitable cost of business travel, but no longer.

“SIM4travel allows people to receive calls for free in 80 countries. Users will be able to make calls to South Africa from as little as R4.95 per minute call compared to the current rate of R21.78, which is charged by a leading local cell phone operator.”

“This is a saving close on 80%.”

SIM4travel has been operating in the UK for 2 years, and with over 100 000 users using the SIM4travel technology, it has become a much sought after travel accessory.

“We expect the service to be very popular in South Africa. We are paying far too much for mobile telephony, especially when we travel.”

Sher says using the SIM4travel card is simple and easy and all that’s required is an “unlocked” mobile phone, with almost all of South African phones being “unlocked” and SIM4travel friendly already.

The SIM card costs R399.99 and air-time vouchers can be purchased from R175. Both the SIM card and air-time vouchers are delivered within 24 hours, for an additional fee of R51, with delivery insurance included.

“For R625.99 in total, you will get a SIM card and a recharge voucher which will provide you with access to low cost roaming rates and an instruction manual to get you started.”

For more information on rates and savings, visit the website alongside.

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