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• Eat less. Cut down on total caloric intake, and especially on foods containing empty or non-nutritional calories.
• Exercise regularly. This means at least 30 minutes per day or three hours per week in total.
• Set realistic weight loss goals for yourself. A half-to-one kilogram a week loss is the acceptable and safe level
• Eat a variety of healthy foods. Never eliminate entire food groups from your diet
• Include plenty of fresh vegetables daily. Vegetables are the best source of low calorie nutrition available to us and can be enjoyed without feeling guilty
• Cut back on sugar and refined carbohydrates and include more wholegrain foods in your diet, like wholegrain cereals and breads, wholewheat pasta, brown rice, barley and oats for example
• Eat moderate amounts of lean protein at each meal from lean meats, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, low fat dairy, beans and legumes
• Keep fat intake in check by following low fat eating guidelines and cutting back on fatty and processed meats and other foods
•Ensure an adequate intake of essential fatty acids from fatty fish, nuts, seeds and raw vegetable oils
• Practice moderation. Cut back substantially on those foods that are calorie or fat dense but leave a little room for the occasional cheat so you don’t feel deprived
• Learn to compensate. If you’ve had a bad dieting day, don’t despair- everyone falls short of the glory. Simply compensate by eating more diet-friendly at your next meal
• Eat regular meals. Skipping meals means you’ll probably tend towards overeating later in the day
• Learn to read labels for calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate content of foods
• Shop smart. Don’t ever buy the forbidden foods at the supermarket. In this way you can avoid temptation at home. Also, never shop when you are hungry

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