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Don’t Let Muscle Cramps Spoil your Fun in the Summer Sun

With the festive season officially at an end, many of us will be trying our level best to squeeze every last drop of pleasure from all that the summer sun has to offer, especially given our New Year’s resolution to exercise more in an effort to shed the unwanted kilos we gained during the holidays. Early morning jogs, walking the dog in the late evenings and parties enjoyed well into the warm and balmy nights, are but only a few of the activities that will be enjoyed by many, as a tribute to South Africa’s favourite season.

On the downside, muscle cramps are an uncomfortable result of these good intentions and healthy lifestyle choices, and can put a dampener on what is left of the sun’s warm rays. Caused by an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax, cramps of this nature really are unnecessary. This because supplements such as South Africa’s leading magnesium brand, Slow-Mag® are an effective way to prevent this unwanted sensation.

Dehydration, strenuous exercise, vigorous activity and excessive loss of salts as a result of perspiration are all symptoms of a summer well-spent. They are also the causes of muscle cramps. So be sure to stock up on magnesium this season and guard against your fun in the sun being marred by the discomfort associated with muscle cramps.

All you need to do to ensure your supply of magnesium is well-stocked this summer, is send your name, cell-phone number and e-mail address to Nqobi Ngcobo on the email address alongside and you could win a three-month supply of Slow-Mag®, as well as a trendy Ice-cream scoop to help you and your guests keep the heat of the season at bay.

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