Something noisy, something quiet

Something noisy, something quiet

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Some people like to unwind somewhere quiet on weekends, some people like to cut loose on the dance floor. However you choose to spend your weekend, we have you covered.

For the refined…
Sundowner with Sushi, Oysters & Champagne

The Sheraton Pretoria Hotel is hosting a sophisticated alternative for drinks after work. Enjoy refreshing sundowners with a selection of beautiful handmade sushi, fresh oysters and Champagne while relaxing at the Union Terrace, renowned for its breathtaking views of the magnificent Union Buildings.

Date: Friday, 19th November 2010 from 16:00
Venue: Sheraton Pretoria Hotel, c/o Church and Wessels Streets
Contact:+27 12 429 9999

For the party animal…

The Godskitchen Boombox is an audio and visual marvel, with state of the art sound and lighting combining with 3D visuals to create one of the most innovative and immersive experiences in the world.

There are DJs who can rock a party, a club, a festival, and there are acts that can write songs that will bring out the goose bumps in you. But there’s only one group that can do both: Above & Beyond. They will be supported by James G, and Roger Goode.

Date: Saturday 20th, November 2010 from 20:00
Venue: MTN Expo Centre, c/o Rand Show & Nasrec Rd
Cost: From R230 through Computicket

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

The saddest creature

I’m a big believer in originality which is why song cover versions and movie remakes are among my least favourite things (Parktown Prawns are at the top of that list.) Too often local celebs try imitating Hollywood stars – they talk with faux American accents or make music that resembles a watered down version of a U.S original. By my logic, the saddest creature in the entertainment industry is a South African celeb who imitates something that is now old news, and wouldn’t you know it? Khanyi Mbau has done just that!

The papers were filled with stories of businessman Kenny Kunene whose celebrations included eating sushi off naked models. Over the weekend, copycat Khanyi had a similar celebration at the same restaurant except she had semi-naked male models.

Two things. Firstly –eeewww! Who eats food off of a naked person they don’t know? Is that hygienic? Remember, if this guy is so hard up for cash that he is willing to let a room full of strangers use him as crockery he is possibly not the kind of guy who does silly little things, like showering. There has to be something gravely wrong with a man if he lets drunk people with chopsticks near his naked body.

Secondly, it’s been done. If you want to be a trail-blazing celeb you need to do things differently. She is not the first diva, she is not the original party girl, she is not the first gold digger. She is the “Cover Plus” of the local scene – cheap and tacky.

I suppose we should feel sorry for her. Imagine wanting so badly to be the centre of attention and ending up a laughing stock.

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