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Sony Expo

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Here’s something for all you techno buffs! The Sony Expo 2005 will be held from Friday, 14th – Sunday, 16th of October at Sandton City and promises to showcase the very latest and future technologies! Not only will the guys love it, but the kids will find it absolutely fascinating!

The star of the Expo will be QRIO, Sony’s innovative, humanoid, entertainment robot. QRIO will perform daily to the public, demonstrating his most advanced technologies. QRIO is a biped walking robot. By synchronizing the movement of 28 joints in its body, QRIO can do all the basic movements such as walking and changing direction, getting up, balancing on one leg, licking and throwing a ball, as well as dancing.

Sony has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation – from the invention of the Walkman and Cds to pure flat television screens.

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