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The French playwright Moliere once said, “I live on good soup, not on fine words.” Fortunately we’ve boiled a little write-up introducing good soup with fine words. Whether you are planning on a night out or staying inside, we’ve got soup ideas and suggestions for days. Have a look.


Making In

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom

It’s a classic, so why not kick this lovely little article off with some chicken and mushroom? It’s hearty, it’s tasty, and so easy to make from scratch. The hardest part about this creamy chicken and mushroom soup is going to the super market when it’s cold outside.


Pour a little bit of Italy into that big mug of yours. This minestrone soup will blow your mind with its lush and thick veggie goodness. Did anybody order a double dose of anti-oxidants? Well, we just signed for it – take a sip.

Roasted Tomato with Ricotta Fritters

Have you ever had a ricotta fritter before? Regardless of your answer, this will up your broth game… times 10. Skip on the croutons and make some of these little dumplings for this steamy pot of goodness.Our roasted tomato soup with ricotta fritters will surprise your taste buds.

Sweet Potato and Leek with Honey Bacon

If there’s one carbohydrate that should be awarded a medal it’d be the sweet potato. It’s light, fluffy, friendly and comes in different colours. When paired with leeks and honey’d bacon the sweet potato can make a stellar dish. Check out our sweet potato and leek with honey bacon soup.

Quick Creamy Broccoli with Feta and Fried Basil

Fried basil? In a soup? You know it. It works so well with the feta – which gives the broccoli a Mediterranean twist to it. How about you make some of this awesome broccoli with feta and fried basil soup, take some photos of it and send it to us? Huh? Good idea? Best idea. Ever.

Ordering Out

Coconut, Carrot and Ginger, Mugg & Bean

Ginger in anything is good, especially in soup. This sexy number from the orient is what makes winter worth living.

Soup, So Yum

How’s about some Chinese, eh? No list of super broths would be complete without some Wonton soup, sporting hand made dumplings. The dumpling choices are beef or pork – we suggest the pork.

Seafood Bisque, Thomas Maxwell Bistro

Using a roasted salmon bone stock prepared over three days, this thick and heart warming bisque is finished off with dark pastes from the East. It is the perfect rich, creamy goodness you deserve.

Sweetcorn and Prawn, Good Luck Bar

Let’s head to Ilovo and dig in to some super exciting sweetcorn and prawn, boiled in chicken stock and served with egg and coriander. The Good Luck Bar is where the Asian flavour is at.

Miso Soup, YuMe Sushi Bar

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called “dashi” into which softened miso paste (fermented soy beans) is mixed. YuMe pops a little bit rice wine there for good measure and serves it with tofu, shitaki mushrooms, and spring onion. Dig in!

By Shawn Greyling



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