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Artifact Advertising is involved in community upliftment and skills development through an association with Sparrow Schools Educational Trust. Sparrow provides affordable, specialised education to disadvantaged and disabled children between the ages of 7 and 18. All design and web work is provided pro bono in an effort to increase Sparrow’s visibility to potential donors.

According to statistics, 15% of South African children remain uneducated. Poverty, disabilities and other socio-economic factors are depriving thousands of children from getting the education they so desperately need. Their lack of education means that they will not have the opportunity to find long term employment. Without help these children may never have the opportunity to change their circumstances and improve their lives.

For these reasons, Sparrow’s Educate – A – Child Campaign has been launched nationally using an online campaign. By joining Educate – A – Child, you can make a difference. You can help ensure that children with learning and / or intellectual disabilities are able to receive the specialised education they need to reach their full potential, overcome their learning disabilities and obtain knowledge and skills needed to become independent and contributing members of society.

For as little as a R100, 00 a month or R1200, 00 individuals or companies can subsidise the schooling of one or more learning-disabled children at Sparrow.

Your sponsorship will have a direct impact on the child and you will actually see your donation at work. Initially you will receive a photograph and a profile of the child you will be sponsoring. After that, you will receive regular reports from the schools and newsletters from the Trust. These reports will help to build a vivid picture of one child’s journey to hope.

Jackie Gallagher, GM of Sparrow Schools, hopes that this initiative will “provide the roots from which to grow and the wings to fly” for all children at Sparrow Schools and commends Artifact Advertising for their selfless contribution to education within our country.

To join Educate-A-Child or to find out more, visit Artifact Advertising is showcased at

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