Special Edition Kicks in Joburg

Special Edition Kicks in Joburg

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For those of you who haven’t yet seen one of the Cross Trainer Editions stores around Joburg you’re in for a treat. As the name implies they trade in special edition shoes, you know the colourful and outrageous ones you see in music videos?

As a sneaker enthusiast and wannabe collector (when budget allows) I have always wanted to see more of the niche shoes coming across our borders and not only on the feet of rich people and Americans.

So when I walked passed one of these stores a few months back I was impressed, like a younger version of myself at an arcade I missioned through the store frantically stopping at a shiny pair of red suede Addidas Christmas edition shell-toes which I bought impulsively.

I for one am proud to see these kinds of stores littering our retail landscape because without wanting to twang that old grungy apartheid chord I have to say that it really is a clear visual signifier that times have changed. (End diatribe)

Politics and my lack of self control aside you have to check it out. Girls these make for the perfect present for your guys and chaps, I don’t have to give you a reason to visit… the shoes will take care of that.

From the 20 year reunion special edition Reebok Pumps to the seasonal themes by Addidas and the Century series by Converse they will have you drooling in the isles and reaching for your wallet.

Conclusion: It’s so cool to have the option of going down the road to buy a killer pair of sneakers. I remember years back in high school when we would have to beg our foreign friends to hook us up and then just prey its going to fit you properly. The internet is a viable option but you then face a fat shipping bill and bad exchange rate.

On the downside I must admit that not all of what you see on the shelves are truly special editions, big brands caught onto this trend a few years back and have started mass producing most of the shoes. The other downside being that there seems to be some brand partnerships going on because only around four of the major brands are represented – for example they stock Puma but not Nike which most fans will tell you are the leaders in this sort of thing.

One small step for mankind… One giant leap for Mzansi.

A little birdie told me that you can follow them on Twitter to know exactly what they are bringing into the store so you can make sure you’re ahead of the trends.

by Byron Marais

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