Spice Up Your Book Club

Spice Up Your Book Club

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It’s the last week of phase one of our wonderful Leopard’s Leap Wines competition. If you haven’t entered weeks one through three already, go back and find your previous newsletters to get entering. Some lucky winners will be walking away with a case of wine for their book clubs next week!

But don’t despair! Phase two of this awesome competition is taking place over the whole month of July so you still stand a chance to win, even if June wasn’t your lucky month. Look out for the banner in next week’s newsletter.

For those that don’t know, Leopard’s Leap Wines and Joburg.co.za absolutely understand that a book club would not be complete without a selection of your favourite wines, and that’s why we are offering you a fantastic chance to win a case of wine for you and your book club to enjoy at your future meetings.

Remember – you need to answer all four weeks’ questions to enter into the draw, so go back and find your previous editions.

Week 4 Questions:
1. What are the age groups in your book club?
2. Is yours a uni- or mixed-sex book club?

Email us your answers, and don’t forget to include your name at the top of the email so we know that you have entered every week!

We’ve got a deliciously different Leopard’s Leap wine cocktail for you this week. A little spicy, a little sweet, this cocktail is a great accompaniment to any dramatic love-story.

Granada Vino
Granadilla and hints of cinnamon softly rounded with Rosé

• 75ml Leopard’s Leap Rosé
• Half fresh granadilla
• Quarter cinnamon stick
• 12.25ml gomm (use boiling water and sugar, 2 cups sugar to 1 cup of water – let it cool down and you’ve got your gomm sugar syrup.)

Muddle granadilla with gomm and cinnamon. Add Leopard’s Leap Rosé, shake over ice and strain. Serve in a chilled martini glass with half a granadilla float.

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