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Non-profit organisation – Spiritual Waters have over the past few years been doing wonders on the streets helping to aid underprivileged children and feed poverty stricken individuals who have lost their jobs and are struggling to put food on the table. With growing numbers of un-employment the Social Development Department is under far too much pressure, often having to turn hungry people away and therefore needs any private assistance it can muster.

After being approached by the Social Development Department, Spiritual Waters acquired an old mining boarding house with the help of the Rand Uranium Mine, which has the potential of housing up to 15 000 people at once, when renovated. The problem being that the renovation of the boarding establishment will cost in the region of 7.5 million Rand and is therefore not a simple goal to achieve.

Besides being involved in this massive housing project, Spiritual Waters are also involved with a shelter for poverty stricken youth which will be located on the West Rand, to aid a shockingly growing number of children who have either run from undesirable circumstances or are left with no family to look after them. The shelters main goals are to rehabilitate them, take them to a clinical psychologist for evaluation to see what damage has been done, so as to put the child on the track for a better life.

Spiritual Waters is at this point trying to raise awareness around the project by appealing to anyone who cares to get the word out and help in any way possible.

To get involved – please send a letter head stating what you will be able to assist with and for how long, as this document needs to be presented to the Rand Uranium Mines at a board meeting in two weeks time. Spiritual Waters is eternally grateful for any assistance given at this time.

Don’t hesitate to send your emails to rbritzsp@yahoo.com. now, and help change Joburg with one huge step.

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