International Comes To Mzansi’s Mall Of Africa

Mall of Africa will have you speaking all the sexy languages out there and dressed just as sexy. With all the international brands on the shores, you can dress in detailed Italian wear or the classic Brit. Let’s check out more of these stores!

Mall of Africa

South Africa, The motherland as they would call it; is becoming the hub for major international fashion, designer brands are claiming their spot in the country and one of the most talked about mall in the country houses brands that will make anyone feel like a king and queen.

We all know that we love to dress up and look like a million bucks, well! Now we have the convenience of shopping at our very own Mall of Africa.

Mall of Africa

Armani Exchange

Giorgio Armani has been around for years and i’m sure no one can forget his brand, Emporio Armani but who can forget it when they live by the saying, “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”.

They are in the country and trading as Armani Exchange to bring you the best of the threads, who doesn’t want a unique piece of art to wear. Red carpet alert!

Mall of Africa


Unfortunately, for the gentlemen out there, Witchery only caters to the ladies and dresses then with unique clothing fit to meet the needs of you beautiful queens out there! Witchery is great for the modern woman who wants the sophisticated, but still fashionable look.
They have the ultimate fashion for the 21st century woman, from formal wear to that flowy floral dress that you’ll be wearing at that next sundowners meetup.
Mall of Africa

Hackett Of London

Are you the ultimate gentlemen? Are you the guy that walks into the room and all the jaws drop? (Okay, that was just for dramatic effect, LOL!) Well! Jaws will definitely drop as soon as you make Hackett of London your friend. This one is for the gents, sorry ladies.

“Hackett” has been around for years and has located themselves globally and have graced the shores of Johannesburg to bring that touch of dapper that’s been missing.

Mall of Africa

Steve Madden

South Africa got used to the online cart of Steve Madden, they still used it but one things for sure, it was a total eyebrow raise when they decided to hit our shores. A lot of word of mouth went around when they decided to place this heavenly shop in Midrand.

They boast with heels that have all the ladies going crazy and shoes that have the gentlemen feeling like they’ve just walked out of GQ. Steve madden is all about making a statement and making fashion proud, every shoe is a  representation of quality.

I could easily go on and on, but we could go all day so rather so that’s the last one for today.

Last words: Mall of Africa may not be the biggest, but it certainly has some of the biggest names.

By Mary-Ann Nyandeni

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