Spring into action and design your body with HYPOXI

Spring into action and design your body with HYPOXI

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August and September promotion: Purchase 15, 30-min treatments for ONLY R196.00 per individual HYPOXI treatment (normal price per treatment R320.00). Promotion valid until 30th September 2010.

HYPOXI Therapy has given our readers the ability to achieve significant fat and cellulite reduction in less than 3 ½ weeks. Developed by a team of Austrian doctors, the treatment has been shown to result in an 80% improvement in fat metabolism in as little as 5 sessions. The beauty of HYPOXI Therapy is that a session takes just 30 minutes and is completely pain free – so you can achieve the body you want in your lunch hour – perfect for people with busy schedules.

This quick and effective treatment is enjoyable and non-evasive, and the great thing is you don’t have to be a celebrity to look great and feel fabulous with regular HYPOXI treatments.

Below are the testimonials of the winners in the “Kick your Body into Shape” competition.



I was elated to be chosen as a winner as I have been following HYPOXI and their success story. I am a big believer in no pain no gain, so imagine my surprise that I would not break a sweat and that I would drop a dress size (5.2cm off my belly button measurement). I was able to fit the treatments in my lunch break as it only took 30-min and I did not even have to change into gym clothes. Within a 3 week period I lost a total of 22cm. Even my fiancé asked what I have been up to as there was such a difference to my shape of my body including the cellulite on my legs within on 5 treatments. I’m addicted and have signed up for my second course. A Big Thank You to Joburg.co.za for running this competition and the team at HYPOXI Sandton. It has been an awesome experience and I am looking forward to the next course.


Wow wow wow… is all I can say. I have not yet completed my set of 10 treatments that I won, I have only done 6 treatments and I have already lost 17cm. I am very unfit and have not been able to go to the gym as I don’t have much time between my job, kids and husband. To get to the studio 3 x per week for my 30-min treatment, I had to put in effort to change my busy schedule – the results so far have been worth my effort. I have recommended the treatment to all my friends as they were all very skeptical as there are so many ‘weight loss’ treatments on the market. Believe me I have done a few and nothing has delivered such fantastic results. Thanks Cheryl.

Mary Ann

“UNBELIEVABLE!! I intensely dislike any form of cardio, but the gentle cycling whilst paging through a magazine is no effort at all! I lost 20 cm’s after only 6 treatments, 8 of those cm’s were on my stomach alone, I’m ECSTATIC!! AND my skin tone has improved on my bum and thighs! I have never come across results like this from any other form of therapy. Thank you Hypoxi, you have changed my life, and I am glad to have found something that actually works.”


After having a baby and struggling for a long time to lose my tummy fat and weight I was ecstatic to have won on Joburg.co.za. Before HYPOXI, no treatments I tried seemed to work at all. They were painful, uncomfortable & expensive. With HYPOXI I lost the stubborn fat around my abdomen and thighs. I also noticed a remarkable difference in my skin texture and appearance. The best thing is that this fat is gone for good! I discovered the most painless, fast, efficient way of losing centimetres and weight. I lost 25cm’s and a whooping 4.6kg after 10 treatments. Thank you HYPOXI, you have definitely transformed my body and life and it’s a therapy that actually works.

HYPOXI SA – Memberships

HYPOXI SA is proud to present the first HYPOXI Membership that invites entrepreneurs to put your money to work in a self contained business that offers tremendous opportunity for high profits and a substantial return on investment. Whether you’re looking to add and make HYPOXI an extension of an established business or if you’re looking for a good business opportunity, HYPOXI is the proven formula to maximize profits and minimize the waistline.

Studios now open in South Africa

HYPOXI Sandton
HYPOXI Kyalami
HYPOXI Centurion
HYPOXI Bedfordview

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