Spud the Movie – Don’t waste your money

Spud the Movie – Don’t waste your money

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John van de Ruit’s Spud has become one of South Africa’s most popular series of book in our literary history. When it was rumoured that a film was to be based on the book and that it would star John Cleese, websites were abuzz with this exciting news. The movie opened recently and one of our reviews went to go see the movie.

To say that there are ‘spoilers’ ahead would be redundant. You do not want to watch this movie, especially if you have read the book by John van de Ruit. This movie, allegedly ‘loosely based’ on the book is guaranteed to plunge you into incontinence out of pure boredom and a deep desire to die. To put it simply, where the book had you nearly peeing with laughter, the movie carefully sidesteps any such humour and ineptly plunges a rusty catheter into your pee-hole.
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2010 in Entertainment

The end of the year has pounced upon us like Tiger Woods at a lapdance club. As always, the world of celebs and entertainment has provided a number of hi-lights, low-lights and surprises. I have gone through the archives and picked out a few of my best and worst entertainment happenings in 2010. Let me know what yours were.


  1. South Africa is now scheduled to host a number of international stars from a wide variety of genres. I can’t recall a time in our history when we have had so many international bands and artists visit us. Everyone from a German rock band to Neil Diamond will be entertaining the masses!
  2. South African actors doing well abroad. For years it was only Marius Weyers who managed any form of success in Hollywood. But now, director Gavin Hood and actor Sharlto Copley have joined Charlize Theron as international stars.
  3. The World Cup ended. For some, this was a bad thing. For me, it meant no longer having to hear that awful flag-waving song or Shakira sounding like a goat with hiccups.


  1. The South African entertainment industry suffered a few losses this year with Matthew Stewardson, Brian Alexander, Tony Schilder, Hotep Galeta, Hermien Dommisse, Siphiwo Ntshebe all passing away. They were South African Jazz legends, tenors, comedians, actors and actresses that were a credit to their respective crafts.
  2. The Parlotones. Great band, but do they have to appear in every second advert on TV? I’ve seen what they charge for corporate shows I don’t think they need to be the face of everything from fried chicken to wine and toilet paper.
  3. YOU magazine. The same publication that was only too happy to have Joost and Amor on the cover is the same one that quoted dubious sources and speculation in the months following their problems. Clearly no concern for privacy and the kids then?


  1. Charlie Sheen is still a free man and probably in bed with a hooker as you read this.
  2. Miley Cyrus’ new trashy image and possible drug use. I am not surprised that she became tramp-like and was pictured smoking a bong, I am just surprised it took her as long as three weeks after her 18th birthday for the photos to surface.
  3. 2010 revealed that you don’t need to work your way through the ranks to get to the top of the pile in the entertainment industry – all you need is a Youtube clip to go viral and before you know it you are a pimply faced kid singing about love to masses of brace-wearing young girls.

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