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Spur Steakhouses

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Spur is an un-known entity to anyone outside of Southern Africa but commands respect from those of us who do know (and love it). Spur has been around since the early 80’s and has seen endless amounts of smiling customers walk out with nothing but good words and the intention on returning.

The Spur name has become a legend among all South Africans with their famous BBQ sauce on their burgers and the most insanely tasty hickory basting you can imagine on their generous proportions of ribs.

The theme of the restaurant is ‘American Indian’, which is ironic as an American Indian has probably never crossed the thresh hold, but it is a friendly and warm theme, with a tendency to cross into the Mexican realm as far as the menu is concerned.

The food is well cooked, well served and simple, not recommended if you’re looking to propose to your long time girlfriend, but definitely recommended as a restaurant you take your British friend to at the airport, to give them a proper taste of South Africa.

Venue: Spur’s can be found at every majo shopping mall, casino, airport, in fact anywhere really, even Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia.

Get down to your local Spur for a quality taste of South Africa!

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