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“St Katharine’s is a small, independent, interdenominational, multi-cultural junior school for girls.

Together with the pursuit of academic excellence goes a commitment to a strong Christian ethic but which gives recognition to and encourages an understanding of other religious beliefs. Consideration for others is fostered and each individual is encouraged to develop to her full potential; academically, physically, socially and culturally.
The school strives to attain a relaxed, happy environment where children are allowed to be individuals and are encouraged to think independently.”

St Katharine’s was established in 1916 and the ethos and culture of the school remain true to the founder, Mrs Ethel Fielding’s original vision of holistic education. She regarded children as individualists, to be given freedom of expression and to maintain a high academic standard without regimentation. She believed that no one pupil is more important than another and to this end the school still maintains a non-competitive ethos where there are no mark orders or prize givings.

From Grade 0 to Grade 7 class size is limited to 26 pupils. There is only one class per grade. The small size of the school, together with its warm, friendly atmosphere, creates the caring, nurturing tone of St Katharine’s.

A full range of subjects is offered. Grade 0 to Grade 5 are taught by class teachers, with specialist teachers in Grade 6 and 7 and throughout the school for Physical Education, Music, Afrikaans, Zulu, Media Studies and Computer Studies.

With the emphasis on individualized attention, St Katharine’s girls win scholarships to the country’s leading Senior Schools year after year.

Sports include gymnastics, swimming, diving, tennis, netball, hockey and squash.
Afternoon cultural activities cover ballet, modern dancing, art, speech and drama, a Junior and Senior choir, Marimba band and instrumental music with an orchestra of some 40 members.

From Grade 4 to Grade 7 the children go on well planned overnight outings to ensure as broad an education as possible.

An awareness of the wider community is also important. St Katharine’s has various social services, charity drives and outreach programmes.

The girls are well prepared for their High School careers and beyond and to this end the dedicated Staff aim to instill good manners, self discipline, responsibility and leadership in all the pupils.

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