Starbucks Is Coming To Joburg!

Coffee lovers, this is something you definitely want to keep your eye on! If you haven’t heard, in partnership with Taste Holdings, Starbucks will finally be making its way down to South Africa, with its first store opening in Joburg in the first half of 2016, with more stores nationwide to follow!

Starbucks Is Coming To Joburg!

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For the first time in South Africa, customers can expect the entire range of Starbucks food and beverages, including ethically-sourced coffee, as well as its advanced digital offer. Not only will this bring South Africans one of the best coffee brands in the world, but it will also offer skill and job opportunities for youth that are currently unemployed.

Learn The Lingo!

Starbucks have their own lingo when it comes to ordering coffee the way you like it. So, in preparation for Starbucks’ arrival later this year, why not learn how to order your favourite coffee like a pro?

Would You Like It Hot Or Iced?

Pick whether you would like your favourite coffee drink iced or hot. When placing your order, be sure to state that you would like it iced, or else you will get the default, which is hot.

Size Of Your Coffee Drink Order

Familiarise yourself with the Starbucks sizes! This can be a little confusing, especially since the “tall” order means a small coffee. There are four different sizes:

For hot cups:
Short – extra small, about 240ml
Tall – small, standard cup size, about 360ml
Grande – medium, about 475ml
Venti – large, almost 600ml

For cold cups
Tall – small, standard cup size, about 360ml
Grande – medium, about 475ml
Venti – large, almost 710ml
Trenta – extra large, almost 890ml

How Much Of A Caffeine Buzz Do You Want?

Now you get to choose how much caffeine you would like in your drink. You can choose regular, decaf or half caf. With the half caf option, your drink will have one regular espresso shot and one decaf.

How Many Espresso Shots Would You Like?

If you want more or less caffeine than what your size usually comes with, you add however many espresso shots you want to strengthen your coffee. You can order a single shot (solo), a double (doppio), a triple, or even a quad. Short or Tall orders usually come with a single shot, Grande and Venti with a double shot, and an iced Venti and Trenta with a triple, just to give you an idea of the number of espresso shots that go into each size.


Everyone has their preference when it comes to the type of milk that they have with their coffee. At Starbucks, your options include skinny (skim milk), two per cent, whole, organic, or soy. Keep an eye out for stores that will have almond milk if that’s what you prefer.

How Hot Do You Want It?

When you order a hot drink, you can choose how hot you would like it. All you have to do is pick a specific temperature – ‘extra hot’ is 180 degrees and ‘warm’ is 130 degrees.

Lots Of Or A Little Bit Of Ice?

If you’re ordering an iced drink, you can personalise how much ice you want in your order, from ‘extra ice’ if you like crunching on cubes or ‘light ice’ if you don’t like your drinks getting watery and diluted.

Add A Few Extras!

From none to extra whipped cream, sugar alternatives and flavoured syrups, you can add an extra-special request to your order to make it extra-indulgent!

More Or Less Froth?

Want more foam or more milk with your coffee? Ask for ‘wet’ if you want your milk less frothed, or ‘dry’ for more foam than usual.

Pick Your Coffee Drink

Here is where you order the actual coffee drink you want, whether you just want a normal coffee (AKA a Drip), a latte, chai tea, or an Upside Down Caramel or Hazelnut Macchiato. There are plenty of coffee drinks to choose from, so be sure to try them all to find your favourite!

For More Information

To see what’ll be in store when our very first Starbucks arrives, click here to check out their website.

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