Starfish Dinners of Hope

Starfish Dinners of Hope

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It’s that time of year again. Get together with friends, organise your own event and bring hope by hosting a dinner. This is your event – host a dinner party at home, book a restaurant, throw a party. Invite two friends or two hundred – when and where you dine is up to you. Remember to encourage your guests to make a contribution to Starfish.

Wherever you are in the world, Dinners of Hope is the party for you!

We’re set to be in for a chilly winter, so why not haul out the Gluhwein, stoke up the fire and invite your mates over for a soup evening…

Or how about some fondue fun – we’re giving you permission to go decadent and host a chocolate fondue.

And for all you children, why not organise a muffin sale with your friends or sell hotdogs at school for the day.

Varsity students can join in too, we know you love a good party so we challenge you to host a bash in your dining halls or an inter-residence Dinner of Hope…

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