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When we think of making a statement, we think of being bold – and the best way to make some noise without opening our mouths is to wear a statement piece. Just take a look at these jewellery brands, whose pieces will do all the talking for you. 

Silver Jewellery Online

Brought to you by Something Special jewellery, Silver Jewellery Online has been delivering quality wholesale silver jewellery to retail companies in South Africa since 1982. With a range of superb quality silver jewellery, their elegant cosmopolitan designs appeal to a wide audience. So if the sound of making a statement with a stellar silver piece sounds like your thing, you know what to do. And while you’re at it, have a look at the gents’ options too – they’re staggering!


For bespoke statement jewellery, have a look at Pichulik. Started in 2012 by Katherine-Mary Pichulik, it’s a brand every woman, or man, ought to have on their dresser. The brand was born after a trip around India, so needless to say her designs are heavily influenced by her travels around the world. Pichulik understands and celebrates the intimate relationship between women and jewellery – something that shines through in all the statement pieces. So whether you love the Indian, Moroccan or South African elements, there’s a statement item waiting to speak volumes on your behalf.

Ants Gallery

Does the sound of clean and minimalist design sound enticing to you? Then Ants Gallery is the perfect place for you to check out. This space is a platform where lovers of fashion, design, home furnishings and art meet, collaborate and showcase their talents. What better way to celebrate this union than by rocking a stellar statement piece from Ants? We especially love these neckpieces, which play around with different materials and textures one wouldn’t easily think go together. It’s astounding what creatives can design.


Stefni is perfect for someone who’s boldness lies in subtly. Their pieces aren’t as large as the typical statement pieces we’re used to, but they always have an aesthetically pleasing and simple design to them. Material combinations used in their pieces are always fascinating and absolutely flattering. For ladies with short necks, their neckpieces are perfect to adorn your neck with a sparkle of style. Stefni specialises in one-off hand-made jewellery, however, they also welcome commissions, exhibitions and collaborations.


Kirsten Goss

If you’re a former Stellies student or resident, you might already know this local favourite, Kirsten GossAfter studying jewellery design, she worked in London and then came back and opened three stores in Durban, Cape Town and our beloved Johannesburg. She has been featured on TV shows such as Top Billing and has definitely made a large mark in the jewellery world. Her collections are handcrafted, piece by piece, which is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with a meticulously perfected item. Best still, not only is this jewellery sure to make a statement, it can be kept as a collectable, suitable to pass down from mothers to daughters to granddaughters.

Tinsel Gallery

Fancy yourself some modern art? Try contemporary jewellery from Tinsel Gallery on for size. Nothing makes a bolder statement than exhibiting the finest one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery on yourself. You’re basically a walking gallery, and the most elegant kind. If need to find something urgent for a last-minute occasion, then have a look at their permanent collection pieces. Alternatively, keep an eye on any one of their six exhibitions during the year.

Know of other awesome statement jewellery stores not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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