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Steers Restaurants

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Steers is an original South African burger joint. The patties are thick, tasty and wholesome which is a good start, not to mention a fresh sesame seed roll, crispy relish and some garnishes which have become staple condiments around the South African table or barbeque.

Steers started around twenty years ago with a ‘cowboy’, ‘steer’ theme, the décor being something of the period in which it started – around the nineties. A minimal theme, with purple and orange sofa style seating makes you feel as if you are in a milkshake bar in the United States during the 60’s, which is exactly what they were going for.

Steers have had many successes over the years, from their naughty TV campaigns to their ever popular Wacky Wednesday, which is basically a deal where you can get two special burgers (change every week) for the price of one – a favourite with students.

Venue: You can find a steers anywhere in South Africa, Joburg alone must have over fifty stores from Benoni to Sandton and everything in between. They are on the Mr Delivery roster, so also good for nights in.

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