Sterkfontein Lodge

Sterkfontein Lodge

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Just off the long hill that climbs up to Krugersdorp from the direction of Pretoria is a thatched safari lodge –
formerly the Hattingh family’s country home built in the 1940’s. It stands back a deep krantz affording
one of the finest views in Gauteng, the panorama of the Sterkfontein valley and the Magaliesberg beyond.

The valley has emerged as the world’s most important “dawn man” fossil site – the place where apemen evolved into
humans. Its labyrinthine caves yielded more fossils of apemen and early humans than the rest of the world combined.
Recently there was an international interest when the first complete apeman skeleton was exposed there and, at
Driemolen, the most complete apeman skull so far.

Sterkfontein Heritage Lodge with its rustic charm and deep thatch was an African farm homestead – the country home
of the Hattingh family for half a century-before it was converted into a country lodge. The lodge maintains the
ambience of its remote days of the 1940’s boasting that which African lifestyle has become famed for.

Should you pass through these doors at the right time you may be fortunate to engage some of the world’s most
famous minds on the origin of mankind. The lodge hosts a dinner speaker on the last Friday of each month.
Topics vary from the origin of mankind to the Boer War.

The lodge is ideally suited as a first stop-over for arriving tourists being a pleasant and short journey from Joburg.
The lodge’s restaurant can seat 40, and has a cocktail lounge and rustic bar. The restaurant has a rich repertoire of dishes, African and international.
A special treat on warm evenings is a dinner on the mountain overlooking the Sterkfontein Valley.

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