Strongbow Flips A Bus Stop In Rivonia

International super cider, Strongbow, brought a refreshing taste of nature to Joburg commuters by taking a rough, dilapidated bus stop in Rivonia, and turning it into a beyond-beautiful oasis.

Adding to Strongbow’s #NatureRemix creations campaign, a natural sanctuary was created in the middle of bustling Rivonia. One of the bussiest bus stops in the city was covered in living plants which blocked out the sounds of the city and offered shade from the sun. The sound of birdsong played from tiny hidden speakers and a gentle, cooling mist was released as people sat down to offset the summer heat. The reasoning behind this publicity stunt was quite clever:  Life in any city can get draining at times. The traffic, the noise, the hustle and bustle can drain and strain citizens in a matter of hours. Strongbow wanted to give people this moment of natural refreshment in the middle of a concrete jungle.

The cider producer also has lot of additional projects in the pipeline where South Africans will get to enjoy more moments of natural refreshment in the months to come. It goes without saying that Strongbow is slowly but surely winning South Africans over to the fresher and refreshing side of life. This project comes in the wake of Strongbow’s “Butterfly Effect” activation where 8 000 biodegradable paper butterflies were dropped from the sky above Braamfontein to refresh the people below. The butterflies were embedded with indigenous seeds to bring nature back into the city.

By Shawn Greyling

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