Stylish Fashion From The Kooples

There’s no such thing has having too many clothes, so if you are looking to add some style to your wardrobe, then look no further, as The Kooples brand will be launching next year, offering great fashion for both men and women!

Stylish Fashion From The Kooples

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The French brand, The Kooples, was established in 2008 and combines both men and women’s wear into one stunning collection. The brand has an innovative and unique concept based on the ability of shoppers to go shopping as a couple, allowing them to swap their wardrobes. Sounds rather strange yet convenient at the same time, doesn’t it?

About The French Brand – The Kooples

The Kooples is a contemporary brand that offers shoppers perfect cuts, detailed pieces and precious fabrics to add a little bit of ‘rock’ to their wardrobe. The collection is inspired by rock history, which is filled with legendary couples whose styles have become iconic in the world of fashion. The brand found its name through two concepts: couples and rock bands.

The Kooples is about a style that is deeply rooted in the greatest couples of music history. Think Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, Jane Fonda and Alain Delon, and Kate Moss and Jamie Hince! In 2012, The Kooples SPORT was also launched. The new brand complements the tailored line with a preppy, casual and chic style.

They have launched 330 stores worldwide in the last five years and in 2016 it will be launching its first flagship concept store in South Africa!

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To check out the brand and see what their collection offers, visit their website at

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