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Suite 16

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Suite16 is an up-market, township restaurant metaphorically born on the 16th June 1976. It mirrors a South African raised in the townships in the 70s and 80s, but now living in affluence in Joburg’s prim suburbs. It is a story of a comfortable moment in a contradiction, or rather juxtaposition of worlds and influences.

It is true township food without a doubt, but the preparation and presentation is five-star; the soft background music and artwork brings bittersweet nostalgia, while the service, decor and ambience befit modern luxury without getting stuffy.

It is cozily nestled on the cinema level at the Village Walk Shopping Center in Sandton. Inside, it boasts a lounge, a dining area and a balcony from which one can quietly enjoy a detached view of life in Sandton.

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