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Sunday, 8th of June 2008
Time: 14h00
Venue: Sun City Hotel Theatre
Price: R90

South Africans know her as “the Voice of an Angel”; the reason could be her ability to comfortably sing between four octaves or to easily slip into any style from Pop to Country, Folk, R&B, Classic and even Celtic. NIANELL, the acclaimed singer looks and sounds like a world famous star.

As a songwriter she has achieved phenomenal success internationally with Who Painted the Moon of which more than 2 million copies were sold. Measured by this it is only a matter of time before her dream of Celine Dion and other international stars recording her songs, becomes a reality.

In 2007 Nianell was a busy lady. She recorded and released a DVD of her greatest hits at Emperor’s Palace backed by a complete orchestra which in itself already achieved golden status in sales. On top of that, she gave birth to three beautiful daughters, Tayden, Kaeley and Jade. You can be sure that they will inspire more mind blowing words and melodies for this acclaimed songstress.

Bookings for 2008 are already streaming in. Excitement and anticipation is in the air the moment Nianell is booked for a show, as it should be. She is magnificent, not only does she have an amazing voice, but her interpretation of lyrics takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride. She has a huge repertoire, accompanying herself on piano or acoustic guitar while entertaining the crowds with amusing anecdotes and a sharp wit. Attending a Nianell concert will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Her previous albums, Who painted the moon, Angel Tongue and Life’s Gift, have sold more than 130 000 copies. Angel Tongue was awarded with two SAMA awards; one for Best English Adult Contemporary Album and the other for Best Female Songwriter for We’ll find a way. Clearly she has an extraordinary singing and writing talent.

Nianell was blessed with a gift to takes people on an unforgettable journey with her creative music and inner wisdom. She sees life as a gift and with her music and positive energy, she motivates everyone around her. Her music makes you realise that you have the power decide if you want to be on the sideline or if you want to get up and dance. She understands diversity, as you can see in her song Angel Tongue, it is her own musical language. Here words are unnecessary and as your very soul interprets the melody according to your imagination.

In 2008 her fourth CD, I know I am lucky, will be released. The title track was written in December 2006 before she knew she was expecting triplets. Mauritz Lotz, another legend in the South African music industry, produced this album and his unique understanding and ability to grasp the essence of songs like Life’s Gift and We’ll find a way on her previous album, predicts another hit record.

Music lovers can look forward to a combination of English and Afrikaans songs. Titles like Land van Sonskyn, Sy word onthou and Diep in jou hart, which was written for her husband, can be found on the album. She translated the hit, Life’s Gift to Afrikaans and will sing it with Juanita du Plessis as a duet.

A deal was closed in November 2007 with Indonesia and Singapore for sixteen of her songs from previous albums to be released as a compilation album. Her path is paved to international stardom.

Other international accomplishments include:

2006 winner of Global Song Writing contest for We’ll find a way

Isn’t it made it to number 2 on an Adult Contemporary Music channel in the US
Four of her songs featured on the playlist on the same channel
Her CDs were tested for radio play by an International Adult Contemporary music company.
Again Nianell distinguishes herself from the rest by being the first artist with so many tracks accepted for international radio play on her CDs.

Nianell believes in the title track of her DVD, As One; together we can make the world a better place. Her message goes a lot further in her motivational speeches. As the Director of Proud Partners, she gives disadvantaged people from all ages, wings to soar with the angels and to return inspired and start realising their ideals. Proud Partners want to make a difference in people’s lives. 20 keyboards and several guitars have already been given to schools and the project is well established in the Western and Northern Cape. The project is sponsoring various educators and learners who want to take music lessons, the idea is to get the community involved and as it develops and expand, that they use their knowledge to teach other. It is her heart’s desire to get the whole of South Africa to share in her dream.

Nianell is a star shining brightly in the sky. With her light and love she embraces everyone who crosses her path while she conquers the world with her singing and writing!

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