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We are often asked to recommend a baker that can deliver themed cakes that both look AND taste amazing. To be fair, since discovering The Pastry Angel, I haven’t felt the need to look much further! I’m sure there are many – I just haven’t felt like moving away from my all-time favourite cake technician!

The Pastry Angel is the brainchild of Candice – an internationally qualified Pastry Chef, Confectioner and Chocolatier. Previously a marketing go-getter in the corporate world, Candice chucked it all in to bravely follow her passion and has since developed a cult-like following of grateful clients.

Over the years, Candice has baked everything from a floral-themed 70th birthday cake for my mom, to a dinosaur cake for my tomboy daughter. She has delivered the most achingly beautiful iced biscuits, delicious macarons, too-perfect-to-eat cake pops and a variety of Pinterest-worthy baked goods that would have a lesser pastry chef sobbing into a vodka-valium latte. Plus, she successfully made the most spectacular gluten-free cake when my daughter was thought to have a gluten intolerance – and none of our guests were any the wiser.

For me, it’s Candice’s professionalism that takes her business to another level. She always has time to make you feel like the most important customer she has – whether making a massive cake or conceptualising unique cupcakes for a child’s birthday. She is also VERY vigilant about the number of clients she takes on at a time – that way, you know she will not overcommit and underdeliver.

I know we’re all about #SupportingLocal, and will highlight and showcase owner-based businesses wherever possible. The Pastry Angel is definitely one of our most favourite local businesses, and we would love for you to support her going forwards. Whether briefing her on the exact item you’d like made, or asking for advice, or even brainstorming a theme – Candice will give you so much more than ever thought possible!

The Pastry Angel

Items such as:

  • Chocolate Wedding Cakes
  • Baby Shower Cakes
  • Kids’ Birthday Cakes
  • Cake Smash Cakes
  • Adult Birthday Cakes
  • 21st Birthday Cakes
  • Petit Fours
  • Cupcakes
  • Macarons
  • Truffles
  • And so much more!

I think my father-in-law sums it up best. “Sometimes this kind of stuff LOOKS good but tastes like rubbish. Her stuff tastes even better than it looks!” He then went back in for his third piece of cake, bravely elbowing five-year-old boys out of the way and holding it triumphantly above his head on the way back. High praise indeed!

The Pastry Angel

For More Information

For more information, visit www.pastryangel.com.

Also, follow The Pastry Angel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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