Surf’s Up Joburg, Tiger’s Milk Restaurant & Bar Has Come To The City!

Every time I visit Cape Town, all I see are surfers – EVERYWHERE. If they’re not at the beach, they’re chilling out at local bars, pubs, and bistros. If they’re not grabbing a cold draught, they’re riding the waves and soaking up the sun. Sounds like the life if you ask me. If you haven’t heard just yet, Tiger’s Milk has finally made its way from Cape Town to our lovely city supposedly to help Joburgers unleash the tiger within! Whoa…

The original Tiger’s Milk was opened in Cape Town in 2014 by surfing enthusiasts, offering surfers, extreme sports lovers, and chilled out crowds a haven to hang out, drink, munch and be merry. This trendy spot in Bryanston is a great check-in point if you’re looking to meet up with friends for drinks after work, want to grab some awesome comfort food, or if you are in need of a sipping session, complete with a choice of ice-cold craft beers, wines and, of course, cocktails!

Tigers Milk

Onto the good stuff –  their menu! Tiger’s Milk is a bar, expect tapas-style meal choices and easy going, hearty food. Whether you’re craving some sticky pork ribs, a juicy burger with all the trimmings or a cheesy pizza with a crispy crust straight from the wood fire oven, they’ve got it. I’m more of a dessert lover when eating out (cheesecake queen right here!), so obviously, I had to indulge in the sweeter options of the menu. You cannot dine out without having a sweet treat, amirite? I ordered the New York-styled baked cheesecake served with smooth vanilla ice-cream. All I can say is this particular one reminded me why I love cheesecake so much – smooth, tasty, creamy, and just yum! And, if you love boozy desserts, try out the Jack Daniels-Spiked Chocolate Mousse. One word… DELICIOUS!

If you’re interested to hear what’s on the bar menu, you can expect what you normally would anywhere else – chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlots, your staple beer brands and milkshakes. But if you want to sip on something a little different, their craft beer draughts are the ticket. From the Tiger’s Milk Lager and Woodstock Happy Pills to Darling Rogue Pony and Hoghouse Amber, there is sure to be an ice-cold frosty with your name on it!

All in all, Tiger’s Milk is a great hangout. In a way, it reminds me of a man-cave but open to everyone. As long as there’s good food, great company and some cold beer, there’s no way you won’t have a good time.

Tigers Milk

Images sourced from Tiger’s Milk’s Facebook page

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