Tag your valuables for peace of mind

Tag your valuables for peace of mind

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The old adage “finders keepers, losers weepers” is about to lose its relevance with the introduction of Reward-if-found.co.za, a unique tagging system that benefits the person who has lost a valuable item, as well as for the person who finds it.

Reward-If-Found allows you to tag your valuables such as cellular phones, laptops, wallets, keys, MP3 players, travel bags and suitcases for added peace of mind. And, if found, the finder stands in line to be rewarded for his or her honesty.

If-Found (Pty) managing director, Steve English, says the Reward-If-Found tags present an honesty incentive for people who find missing valuables. “I strongly believe the majority of people want to do the right thing and return lost items. This product gives them the opportunity to do so and be rewarded in the process,” he says.

The Reward-If-Found tags, which are available at participating retailers, Dischem and Game, have unique codes that are linked to your name, contact details and the relevant item when you register with Reward-If-Found online or via sms.

While tag owners can offer a nominal reward to the finder if they wish, English says people who report missing items can enter into a monthly reward draw and stand a chance to win prizes valued at between R10 000 and R20 000. “They will also go into an end-of-year draw and be in line to win R1-million,” he says.

There are three types of tags – iron-on tags (R29.95), sticker tags (R39.95) or stainless steel “keyring” tags (R59,95) – which are both easy to apply. Each single pack incorporates a one-year subscription.

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Three readers will each receive a 1 Year Subscription to the value of R429 and a Value Pack which consist of 6 x Sticker tags and 4 x Stainless steel tags. To enter, send an email with all your contact details to competitions@velocitymedia.co.za before Friday, 17th December 2010. Please ensure that your entry has a subject line of “Reward if found”. Entries without a subject line will not be considered. Please read the full list of competition rules.

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