Tan Up This Winter With Vita Liberata

Use this winter to get summer ready! Get your tan on in the comfort of your own home with Vita Liberata.

Vita Liberata will help you get your tan on this winter. That pasty look is not in! Get your golden glow with this organic, non-toxic tan!

What is it?

Vita Liberata is a non-toxic, organic sunless tan that’ll help you get that gorgeous summer glow this winter! The luxury sunless tanning range is made from all natural ingredients like liquorice, lychee, melon, raspberry and tocopheryl-acetate.

So how do you get the glow? With Vita Liberata’s 2-3 Week Tan Mousse, which lasts up to four times longer than regular tans, is easy to apply, dries super fast and doesn’t have that strange smell that some self tan products do. Plus, this product is perfect for all skin types!

Then there’s Vita Liberata’s Spray Tan that works on ethnic skin, too. It hydrates skin, contains anti-oxidants, anti-aging products, masks imperfections and is non-toxic. The ethnic tan is not meant to make dark skin darker but rather makes it glow by bronzing and illuminating the skin.

So there really is no reason to wait until summer before you can rock that gorgeous fresh-off-the-beach look!

Where do I get it?

Stockist: Selected Salons & Spas. Online: www.vitaliberata.co.za

Head Office: 021 465 8569.

More information

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About Vita Liberata?

Vita Liberata is a non-toxic, organic sunless tanning range and is the first of its kind to be available in South Africa. All the ingredients in Vita Liberata’s products have natural and organic anti-oxidant properties that work together to help you achieve a glowing look!

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