Taste Freedom At Parliament!

Nestled in the quiet area of Parkmore is this vibrant restaurant, perfect for after work drinks with friends and yummy quick bites. Their food and drinks definitely liberate your tastebuds!

Although getting up to the restaurant, with it’s narrow staircase, could mean disaster if you’re not careful, I managed to make my way up safely. Parliament is a very vibrant restaurant, and I went after work which was clearly peak hour given the amount of customers in suits and ties. Despite the majority of the crowd being predominately corporate folks, the environment is welcoming and the staff is friendly.

They have a range of cocktails on offer and in true ‘after work drinks’ fashion, you can opt to sit by the bar while enjoying your drink, good company and great food. Their selection of quick bites might not look like much when written on the menu, but luckily the open plan kitchen gives you a preview of the delicious food being prepared. Portions of the food are quite small, best not to go there if you’re starving and expect a larger-than-life meal.


With their mains, you definitely taste freedom with their braised pork belly with smoked apple puree and pickled carrots. Pair that with a side of charred tender stem broccoli and you’re in for a treat! It was so delicious I almost rolled my eyes back, especially since I’m not typically a huge fan of pork. Though I was sceptical of the apple puree, the combination of savoury and sweet in this meal is impeccable – a definite recommendation. My friend had the grilled chicken peri peri drumsticks and chargrilled lime paired with beef fat fries with aioli. She was beyond impressed and mentioned how the peri peri has a strong kick to it, perfect for chilli lovers.

Parliament also has craft beer available and a sizeable wine menu. We did notice however that the wine is sold by the bottle not by the glass, which is perfect cause one wine glass usually turns into two then three then you have a bottle. Might as well cut the coyness and get the bottle right? I think so too.

Besides the slow service, which can be very annoying if you are hungry and keep seeing other customers enjoying their food, Parliament is definitely a classy spot to explore. You can even reserve a table to avoid standing, sitting at the bar or waiting for space to open up. After all the admin is done, go have your taste of freedom in Parliament!

By Cleopatra Shava

[Images sourced from their website]

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