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Getting connected to the internet, easily, with ADSL!

You’ve seen the term used all over the place, but exactly what is ADSL? Quite simply, it is an opportunity for South African consumers to begin experiencing the Internet as it is intended to work – and at an affordable price at that.

According to Wayne de Nobrega, managing director of Technology Concepts – a company that is delivering one of the most affordable ADSL offerings in the market today – ADSL is simply a far better way to get connected to the Internet. “It’s faster – much faster – than a dial up connection, it is always-on, and although it relies on the same physical cable as your telephone, you can still make and receive calls while online.”

De Nobrega says ADSL works on many of the same principles as a dialup connection. “You will need an ADSL line into your home – which is simply an upgrade to the landline that is probably already installed. Then you will need a special type of modem to connect your computer to the upgraded line; just like the dialup, you will also need an account with an Internet service provider (ISP) – and once you have that in place, you are ready to start surfing the Net at high speed,” he says.

High speed is probably the biggest advantage of ADSL. He compares this connectivity to dialup: “ADSL is always on and doesn’t have any of the annoying modem noises and delays you’ve had to get used to with dialup. With ADSL, you can expect pages to load at least five times faster, even with the entry level ADSL offering,” he says.

The saving in terms of your time is considerable – instead of waiting 15 seconds or longer for each Web page to load, expect it to download in 3 seconds or less. And because you’re always connected, mail trickles down as it arrives, and doesn’t require a big download every time you connect.

Furthermore, with ADSL you don’t pay every time you want to connect to the Internet, as you do with dial up. “So, you can leave your computer connected to the Internet around the clock, with no additional cost. It’s a fixed monthly cost,” de Nobrega adds.

The power of choice

De Nobrega says a common issue that confounds consumers is their right to choose who delivers their ADSL connectivity. “While it is only possible to get the line that will carry the connectivity from Telkom, the consumer can choose their Internet service from a number of ISPs. That choice will influence the cost of ADSL, and the level of service that can be expected,” he says.

He cautions consumers against being strong-armed into selecting their ISP. “When upgrading to an ADSL line, Telkom may try to convince you to use them as your ISP as well, but you have the power of choice regarding the service provider you want to connect through. Ideally, you want one that can offer you the best and most flexible solution and which is attentive to your needs,” he says.

Technology Concepts, as an ADSL Service Provider, is highly focused on demystifying technology for its clients “You’re interested in getting on to the Internet, and getting maximum value from the Web as a diverse resource. We deliver just that.”

How to get ADSL – what are the options and what does it cost?

Getting a super-fast Internet connection is a lot easier than you may think. “We can handle the entire process on your behalf, including arranging the upgrade of your line with Telkom, and installation and configuration of the necessary hardware. We like to handle everything for our customers, making connectivity simple,” says de Nobrega.

As for costs, he says that depends on the options selected by the customer. At the entry-level, he says Technology Concepts has developed a package that is ideal for customers to make the transition from dial-up to ADSL. “This option costs just R99.00 a month for a gigabyte of usage. That results in a total cost – including line rental – of significantly less than the cost of connectivity to dialup to send the same quantity of data,” he explains.

Other options that users can choose from include the speed of the connection – the ‘slowest’ is roughly five times faster than dialup, while the fastest is about thirty times quicker. “That will influence the cost – but with such a wide range of options, you can choose what is best for you,” he adds.

Next month:

A faster Internet connection opens the doors to the real power of the Web. De Nobrega will discuss how your ADSL connection can be used for a variety of tasks – including cost-free telephone calls…

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