Ted Is Back For Round 2!

He’s still the perverted, foul-mouthed, pothead, boozer, bogan bear we all met in 2012. Only now, he’s one half of an unhappy newlywed couple, in which his wife Tami-Lyn’s terrible spending habits, and his lack of “manhood” become responsible for the downward spiral of their union.

Ted Is Back For Round 2!

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Ted and his wife decide that adding a baby to their household is the solution to saving their troubled marriage. But in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted has to first head to the court of law, to prove that he is human and not property. And so the journey begins!

The film opens in utter festivity with Ted’s wedding. An electrifying musical number, very much reminiscent of Busby Berkeley’s 1933 masterpiece, rounds up this fabulous opening in true Seth McFarlane style. I find the comedian’s obsession with musical opulence and spectacle (characteristic of most of his work) absolutely awe-inspiring.

Ted 2 journeys into political incorrectness and scatology (a McFarlane comedic signature), while exploring the very important issue of what it means to be human. This for me is the heart and art of the film, as the chronicle comes right in the midst of a great historical moment – the US legalisation of same-sex marriage. One fictional, one real, both moments can be thematically paralleled in the fight for civil rights.

This time around, the narrative centres on Ted’s journey, which automatically leaves Mark Wahlberg’s (John) character out in the cold. Where the first movie had him wearing the protagonist boots, he is pretty much reduced to the role of the tag-along best friend in this one, which is probably the film’s biggest shortcoming.

The big-eyed beauty, Mila Kunis, who played the character of John’s significant other Lori in the first instalment, is not featured in this one. However, the film makes up big time with appearances by impressive talents, Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson.

Now, Seth McFarlane has a very specific sense of humour and no … it’s not for everyone. So, your enjoyment of Ted 2 will most likely depend on whether or not his type of humour appeals to you. I call it ratchet humour, but it gets the job done.

McFarlane’s dedication to pushing the boundaries with his raw and naked choice of subject matter is very much what makes this movie my cup of tea. If you can withstand the excessive profanity and the crude and misplaced racial jokes, then a fun and light-hearted outing to the cinema awaits you!


By: Brigette Madiba

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