The Battle For Bakura

The Battle For Bakura

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CARFAX TO HOST “THE BATTLE FOR BAKURA” – A Battle Between The Best Of South Africa’s DJs For Musical Dominance

Date: Saturday, 15th of March 2008
Time: 21h00
Place: Carfax, Newtown
Price: R50 presale, R60 at the door

Tickets available at the door; or presale from Tokyo Star and Canned Applause, Melville.
High in the mountains of ancient Japan, where tribes still rule the land, exists a place more sacred than any other. This place is said to be the centre of the universe, and the epicentre of all that has a beat. In the past centuries, many wars have been waged over this holy area, but until recently all had been peaceful.

Now there are rumours of a new battle brewing.

Two tribes, Miro from the North, and Zukuto from the South, have each staked a claim for ownership of this rhythmical land and are prepared to fight to the death. Twelve DJing warriors, six from each tribe, have been selected for their strength, ability in battle and musical dominance over their selected genre.

Years of training have brought them to this point, where the DJ warrior with the superior skill will win the greatest honour for their tribe: endless musical riches and knowledge from this mystical region.

High in the Shiduku Mountains, the battle for Bakura begins…

The Great Hall of Ping Mae will host:

Old Skool Mashup Battle:
Richard The Third VS Dog Show

Electro Battle:
Data Takashi VS Tymon

DancePunk Battle:
King Of Town VS Sassquatch

Special Performance By:
CutOutCollective – ElectroDance

The Courtyard of Jeng Tao will host:

Hip Hop Battle:
Hamma VS Djadlib

BreakBeat Battle:
Blunted Stuntman VS AfroWhitie

Drum and Bass Battle:
Rudeone VS Sonar

Special Perfomance By:
Twelv ft. Thesis – Breaks

Honour and respect are a large part of both the Miro and Zukuto cultures. Wear the colour of either to show which tribe you are honouring on the night of the battle!

Miro: Red
Zukuto: White

First 120 warriors to join the battle will receive a shot of alcoholic spirit for courage. Those who volunteer to go to war will be armed with headbands, fans and swords on entry.

The evening will be hosted by Red Moon Creations, a newly formed company who wish to bring back the concept of what a “night on the town” used to be about – good quality music through strength and diversity; fun socialising and an exciting festive atmosphere.

For more information please contact Red Moon Creations on the details alongside.

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