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It’s not called the silly season for nothing! Work loads are decreasing (or people are ceasing to care about their paperwork), Joburgers are becoming a bit more relaxed and looking for a good night out. Lesley went to catch The Black Diamonds at the Old Mutual Theatre on the Square and found it to be perfect end-of-year faire.

Date: Until Friday, 24th December 2010
Venue: Old Mutual Theatre on the Square
Cost: From R111

Read Lesley’s review.

Get out the house much?

Maybe we are a little ahead of ourselves, but 2011 is looking mighty fine in terms of live acts that will be visiting us. Instead of using your bonus to buy presents for distant relatives you never see but feel obliged to buy for because they are going to be at the family lunch, use your hard earned cash to go catch one (or all) of the acts below. Some are pop, some are dance, some play loud heavy metal but ALL know how to put on a good show.

Imogen Heap
Grammy award winning, multi-instrumentalist, Imogen Heap, will be touring South Africa for the first time ever in 2011. The former Frou Frou vocalist has had a number of her songs feature in TV shows and movies. Unlike FIFA, she is a big believer in using technology and incorporates new sounds into her music

Date: Saturday, 29th and Sunday 30th January 2011
Venue: Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace
Cost: From R245

They are one of the most innovative dance acts around and fuse many genres into their style. They also have a freakish bald guy with a unique voice so it’s not hard to see why they stand out. Note to organisers: last time you had TKZee open for them. The only person who made a dumber move was Hitler when he decided to invade Poland. Please ensure there is a DECENT opening act.

Date: Saturday, 5th February 2011
Venue: Gallagher Estate, Midrand
Cost: From R315

Tickets to see this German metal outfit have been moving quicker than a greyhound on speed. For 15 years they have been belting out the tunes and have become famous for amazing pyrotechnics at their shows. Prepare to have your eyebrows singed!

Date: Friday, 11th February 2011 (a perfect pre-valentines day concert then!)
Venue: The Dome, Northgate
Cost: From R241

Our columnist Jen Tile is not a major fan and their tickets are exorbitantly priced, but they are bringing a huge show to South Africa. To accommodate Bono’s larger than life ego, the show is being staged at FN Soccer City (not sure what we are supposed to call it) in February.

Date: Sunday, 13th February 2011
Venue: FNB Stadium (Soccer City)
Cost: From R161 (the cheapest seats are probably closer to the car park than the stage)

Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren is a legend in the dance music scene. He will be the headline DJ at this party that is sure to continue till the sun comes up. It looks like there is a bit of a “warehouse party” revival on at the moment.

Date: Saturday, 19th March 2010
Venue: Expo Centre, Nasrec
Cost: From R230

Kings of Leon
There is a reason the Kings of Leon look like hillbillies – they are. Despite their unique Southern U.S.A looks these guys have dominated radio waves for the past two years. Tickets are selling quickly so you had best raise cash soon. I recommend selling pints of blood.

Date: Sunday, 27th March 2011
Venue: FNB Stadium (Soccer City)
Cost: From R215

Neil Diamond
You would have heard terrible renditions of his music at pubs where they have a one man band or at karaoke evenings, but now you can catch the real deal in Joburg. He is another artist scheduled to play at Soccer NB City (I really should find out what the name of the stadium is) which is a great idea – unless it rains. Lads, if you have ever fantasised about meeting an older woman this is probably the best place to do it. By “older” I mean over 65.

Date: Saturday, 2nd April 2011
Venue: FNB Stadium (Soccer City)
Cost: From R200

Everyone knows the words to at least one Roxette song (most know more tunes but won’t admit it.) The Swedish duo return to South Africa and will be playing their signature sing-along-songs at the Sun City Superbowl.

Date: Saturday, 14th May 2011
Venue: Sun City Superbowl
Cost: From R275

Tickets for all these shows can be booked at Computicket. Notice use of the word “can.” It largely depends on whether or not their system can handle people actually using it to purchase tickets. Follow the links alongside to book your spot!

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