The Blues Room presents J

The Blues Room presents J

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Born in South Africa and raised in Walvisbay in Namibia,
J recently relocated to South Africa .

But he’s no novice when it comes to the music industry. J was first spotted while still at school in Namibia by Prestige Management, who have managed bands like Busted, when a friend posted a demo he had made of one of his own songs on a fansite Prestige was running for one of its UK based acts. J moved temporarily to the UK after matriculating where he spent a few months doing vocal training for, and teaching songwriting to the members of The Beatniks, the band that was to become Busted. He was made a number of offers as an artist and producer, but felt he was too young to commit to a permanent move to London . On returning to Namibia J continued developing his skills as a songwriter and producer in his home studio.

He was introduced to American R&B star, actor and model, Tyrese Gibson, while Tyrese was shooting ‘Flight Of The Pheonix’; shot on location in Namibia .
J played a few songs at the wrap party for the film and so impressed Tyrese that they spent two weeks writing songs, and J was encouraged to relocate to South Africa in order to acquire representation.

J has only been in the country for about 4 months but has already been signed to Universal Publishing as a songwriter; is producing tracks on a few new albums by other artists set for release early this year, and is writing songs for a few other albums in pre-production. Among these is a new song for the soundtrack of the upcoming Darryl Roodt movie, No. 10, starring Mandoza, Marius Roberts and Colin Moss. J wrote the song called ‘Give It A Try’ specifically for Colin and produced as well. ‘Give It A Try’ is Colin’s first attempt at recording and despite it being a novice effort the song was immediately playlisted by some of SA’s leading radio stations, among them 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

J has developed a live set with two other fantastic players to present his own songs in a fresh new style to South African audiences, and has already opened for Louise Carver, Heinz Winckler and Arno Carstens.

J’s live show is a musical experience characterized by truly great songwriting and the kind of musical virtuosity rarely seen in live performers.

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